1. Athena, Eris and Artemis

    Three out of four of my beautiful rats (the fourth is never still. Ever)

  2. Some early attempts at getting decent shots of the night sky, hopefully better photos to follow in the coming weeks :)

  3. So my girlfriend and I got to fight again our senpai with a training naginata on Sunday. Me gusta

  5. Eris. The most hyper rat ever.

  6. My dad’s dog pulling silly faces

  7. A collection of my best shots of flowers.

    Locations include; The Eden Project, Mereworth Woods, Bluebell Hill, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, and two back gardens.

  8. Some light painting with the help of my best mate :)

  9. Some photos of the graffiti in Lillesden Girls School in Hawkhurst

    Shot with a harsh flash due to having been recently boarded up (I won’t pretend I did so artistically… but I do like the results)


  10. Finally got Tumblr for my photography!

    This may be a little slow getting going as I hate uploading low quality photos, but bear with me and I’ll try and get some awesome stuff up here :)